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OTA update failed

Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 5:25 am
by armmarov
Hi all,

I tried to do OTA updates but seems like it fails. I did compilation by using sdk-ameba-rtl8710af-v3.5a_without_NDA_GCC_V1.0.0 provided and generate the rom_all.bin and ota.bin in GCC-RELEASE/application/Debug/bin/*

I did as written in the document.

1) I've downloaded the DownloadServer and edit image's name to project.bin in start.bat file. I copied the compiled ota.bin to the same folder with server and rename it to project.bin. Then I run the start.bat to start listener.

2) Then at the UART console, I run UART command as below ( is my server addr, and listener port is 8082) after connecting to the same router as server.
# ATSO=[8082]

However nothing come out at the UART after I reset. You can refer to my attachment. Do you have idea why ?