Overview of toolchains

Discuss about compilers and toolchains for the RTL8710 WiFi chip
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Overview of toolchains

Postby dpape » Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:25 pm


This topic attempts to be a complete overview of available toolchains. This is what we currently have:

Please reply in the comments if you know any other toolchains

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Re: Overview of toolchains

Postby Darkmoon_UK » Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:16 pm

The Ameba IoT project have now officially recognised the GCC SDK and are even releasing newer versions of it for download, albeit behind their 'registration wall' at https://www.amebaiot.com . As a side-note, it's left unclear whether Ameba IoT project are 'official RealTek', the site stops short of saying so, while the resources they seem to have available suggest they are - or at least a wayward faction of RealTek developers :-)

At time of posting, the GCC SDK is up to v4.0b and it compatible with Linux and Windows.

I've tried and initially failed to get it working under a Mac environment. The major dependencies are no problem to install via Homebrew, but the Ameba SDK build process uses some binary tools which they have bundled with the SDK (these appear to be 'borrowed' from the IAR toolchain :o ). It looks like they only perform simple functions though, so I would like to try recreating some open source implementations of the tools and offer them back to the Ameba IoT team.

Specifically, these binary tools are named checksum, pick and padding.

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